Al-Hira Educational and Cultural centre is committed to improving understanding of people and specially children about Islam. Every Muslim girl and boy have to understand about religion. Our religion Islam is a complete way of life. Islam preaches peace and respect. It is very important to have GOOD understand our religion. GOOD understanding of our religion will help our young generation in achieving some of the many goals they can achieve.

  • To understand the importance of life
  • To establish aim and goals of life in the light of knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah (ways of the Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).
  • To clear out bad image portrayed by media and other mediums. To explain to non-Muslims about teachings of Islam.
  • To understand the advantages of being a practical Muslim.
  • To read Quran.
  • To understand Quran and how can one apply the teachings of Quran in their daily lives.
  • Who is Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) and what are his teachings.
  • What are different Islamic events in a year?
  • Why every Muslim girl and boy have to participate or attend these events.